Everybody should have a Dell computer

About two weeks ago a colleague’s computer was slammed with a pretty bad case of “spyware” and “adware”. We loaded up SpyBot and Lavasoft’s Adware, as recommended by PC World as being the best anti ad/spyware programs around. The programs tried their best but still could not get rid of all the popups and misdirected web pages.
I did what any self respecting technologist would do and reinstalled Windows XP.
The installation process went smoothly, until I was asked to input the identification key/code for Windows XP, which is always on the front of the Windows XP booklet on a hologram that comes with your new computer. But guess what – I didn’t have the bookleft. Thankfully Dell includes that key on a sticker on each computer! But then I had problems with the network installation. Lo and behold the incorrect driver was installed for the network card.
Guess what? Dell has a CD that contains all the drivers you’ll need for your computer. I popped the CD in and this wonderful menu appeared giving me all sorts of information about my computer!
I’m sure other computer vendors are good, but I’m just glad I only buy Dell desktops – for now.
Lesson learned:
1) Buy Dell
2) Keep your system CD’s
3) Let a computer expert (I am one) do these things
PS – A friend had a problem with her notebook computer recently, Windows 95 just would not boot up. For her I used the recovery CD to put the notebook back to its original state.
Fourth lesson learned – always back up your data.