Fast Company and Inc get more SMB tools… and choose SmartOnline to provide a suite of tools and services to their respective audiences.
I recently wrote about SmarOnline and I highly suggest you read the article. and already have a lot of articles and tools for their audiences. This deal with Smartonline provides a more premium set of services.
Inc and Fast Company are positioning the Smartonline site generate additional revenue via software subscriptions, a la carte purchases, and additional ad revenue and Inc and Fast Company are working on increasing the stickiness of their site while generating additional revenue.
This is a private-label deal in which Smart Online will deliver a broad range of tools to start, run and grow businesses. According to the press releaes, entrepreneurs and small business owners who log onto and for inspiration, competitive tools and practical resources are about to get online access to the industry’s broadest range of software applications and expert advice for starting, running and growing small businesses.
In August Smartonline will power the Web sites of both widely-read business publications with Web-based applications pioneered by Smart Online for researching and writing business plans, incorporating, preparing personnel policies, managing inventories, applying for loans, drafting leases for office space and equipment, establishing retirement plans, and more.
“We are enhancing the and Web sites to better help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow faster, work smarter, operate more efficiently, spend more time with customers and generate more revenue,” said Ed Sussman, managing director, and
“Teaming up with and puts Smart Online small business
applications, content and expert advice in easy reach for millions of some of the
most inspired and inspiring business owners,” said Michael Nouri, chief executive
officer, Smart Online.

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