First Windows CE Virus Emerges

We’ve known for some time that viruses are NOT only on PCs but COULD be on PDAs. Now there’s more evidence to support this. What can you do – be careful when you use your PDA, like with any technology. Don’t’ download things from unknown sources and be vigilant – on the road, on the ‘net and on your mouse.
Information Week writes The first known virus aimed at Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system was sent to several anti-virus firms by its author over the weekend to prove that Pocket PCs and smart phones are vulnerable to attack.
Dubbed WinCE4.Duts by most vendors, it’s not out in the wild, according to BitDefender, a Romanian anti-virus firm that was among the first to report the virus. Like last month’s Cabir, a virus that spread to cell phones via Bluetooth, Duts is a “proof-of-concept” code written to show that a vulnerability exists.
The virus’ author uses the nickname “Ratter,” and is a member of the same 29A hacker group that created Cabir, said BitDefender and other security vendors. 29A specializes in writing proof-of-concept code, and was also behind Rugrat, the first virus that attacked machines running 64-bit versions of Windows.