Gartner: Desktop Linux Shows Small Gains

Now you see why Microsoft is slamming Linux so hard?
At the end of the day it’s about two things – money and use.
Companies want to save money, especially small businesses and using Linux surely saves money. HOWEVER, they also must be sure that Linux is functional for their end users. Linux on a server is exploding, but for end users who are used to Microsoft, putting Linux on an end user’s PC is not going to happen so fast.
News Fator writes Despite its gains in the server computer market, Linux may not be taking hold very quickly on the desktop. A new report from the research firm Gartner — expected to be released in the coming weeks — suggests that major challenges remain before Linux threatens the dominance of Windows.
Gartner plans to report that Linux is shipping on 5 percent of desktop computers, but that it is not necessarily the operating system of choice. A more realistic figure is that 2 percent of PCs shipped will operate using Linux software this year.