How to really network your home

ZD Net writes I’m not really sure who coined the phrase “the digital home,” but it’s been around a while. It seems like once or twice a year, companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Intel dress up spaces here in New York to show off how a sample digital home might look with their current and future products installed. I get to test some of these products in the course of my work, but truth be told, I’d never really tried to put all these pieces of the puzzle together in an actual home environment. Like many people, I’d done a little here, a little there, but the whole thing just had a patchwork feel to it, with nothing in the way of a master plan.
Fittingly, then, having recently renovated a new apartment, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to start with a clean slate–to build a real cybercrib from the ground up. Here are some highlights and lessons learned from the construction, which was done mostly with off-the-shelf products.