I use my cell phone, for one thing and one thing alone – talking. I use my notebook computer and PDA (with its wonderful, foldable, keyboard) for one thing and one thing alone – data access.
As you know there’s many cell phones, including the great Treo 600 and the Nokia Communicator that are pushing data features.
The big problem with trying to jam a cell phone into a PDA or a PDA into a cell phone is that it’s so hard to type as the keyboards have to be so small. I think RIM BlackBerry’s have one of the best keyboards.
USA Today writes Tiny keyboards are looking like the next big thing in cell phones. As cell phones increasingly become pocket-size mobile computers used for text messaging, e-mail and Web access, phone makers are rushing to add standard Qwerty keyboards to make those functions easier.
If you really want a cell phone combines with a PDA or other data device – the input mechanism used is going to be very important if you want to do any significant data entry.