If Verizon can get hacked – what about you?

The NY Times is reporting tha Verizon will spend $120,00 just to upgrade security in its computers. Someone was able to hack into one of its computer systems, used to test and disable a telephone system.
If someone can break into Verizon, what about YOUR business.
According to prosecutors, Mr. Quinn broke into a computer that can turn service on and off on all Verizon phone lines.
Verizon technicians dial into it with confidential passwords when they want to test a malfunctioning telephone line.
“In so doing, Quinn acquired the same ability as an authorized Verizon employee to test and disable telephone numbers within various telephone area codes across the country,” the indictment charges.
It does not explain why Mr. Quinn allegedly sought to penetrate that computer or what he did once he gained access.
Prosecutors said that he posted the passwords and instructions on how to use them on several Web sites devoted to phreaking, encouraging others to use them to gain access to the computer.