Internet Snagged In the Hooks Of ‘Phishers’

Phishing is snarling more and more users. Often times the problem is not the lack of a security solution but the lack of vigilence on the part of end users. You can’t just click all over the place online, no more than you can walk all over the place outside your home. I’ll be writing more about this next week.

The Washington Post writes Maybe it’s time we all went to digital self-defense school. How else can we learn how to deflect the Internet thieves pounding on our electronic doors?
The pounding is getting louder, judging by recent reports of scammers trying to steal identities through counterfeit e-mails and bogus Web sites. Should the doors give way, I’m afraid we can kiss many legitimate Internet commerce sites goodbye, because they require a foundation of trust.
If you’re like me, you’re already getting a flood of fraudulent e-mails in your in-box, “phishing” for personal information. Phishing, in case you hadn’t heard, is hacker-speak for electronic fishing. It means tricking people into typing user names, passwords, Social Security numbers and other personal data at bogus Web sites.