iPaqs new PDA – everything including the kitchen sink

I go to the side of “simple” when I shop for electronic gadgets and I prefer to not have one device do everything. If one part fails, often times the whole device fails. However, Hp’s latest iPaq (phone, PDA, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, etc) can do so much and for some people – they like an all in one device.
One thing I have found SO VERY USEFUL is my Palm Tungsten E, Palm wireless foldable keyboard and DataViz‘s Documents To Go which I use all the time to write articles.
The NY Times, in a very good review, writes IF today’s portable gadgets prove anything, it’s that you can’t have everything. A gizmo can’t be tiny, lightweight and rugged and still have a big screen, roomy keyboard and low price tag. The problem isn’t the designers’ lack of imagination or the price of components; it’s a little thing called physics.
When you shop for palmtops, for example, you’re really shopping for compromises. If you want a built-in camera, buy this palmtop; built-in cellphone, buy that one. If you need a little thumb-driven keyboard, buy this model; if you prefer handwriting recognition, buy that one.