Linux, Still an Awkward Alternative

Although at times I get so frustrated with using Windows I wish there was an alternative, viable choice for desktop computers, I will not switch from Windows to Linux. Linux, although great for business servers is not good enough for desktop computers – the installation is not that smooth and there’s not enough support (software and experts) out there for it.

The Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro writes The choice of software to run our computers can get awfully depressing. On one hand, there’s Windows XP — expensive and woefully insecure, but it works on almost every machine out there. On the other, there’s Mac OS X — far more secure, but also expensive and restricted to Apple’s own computers.
Where’s our independence from this pair? For a growing minority of users, it comes in the open-source operating system called Linux. It’s either cheap or free (depending if you buy a packaged distribution or download a version online), it’s secure and it can run on any Windows-ready machine.