Marrying Your Customers Using the Internet

How can you fulfill and exceed customer expectations online?

While it’s not that hard to send a box of cookies to your first customer, greet each customer with a warm smile or even give a free product to a customer whose order you messed up, how in the world do you provide customer service online? How can you provide customer service to customers you can’t see, might never talk to and in fact may only have their email address?

Before you consider the tools for your online customer service needs take a careful look at your employees or others that will be directly communicating with customers to provide the customer service. If you have employees that don’t proof read their email, carelessly send out faxes, have a bad attitude when speaking on the phone, frequently lose documents and easily get frustrated and angry all the technology tools in the world are not going to help you with customer service. In fact it might just make it worse. (full story)