Maximizer continues to sell

Although contact management company, Maximizer, is not as popular as Act!, GoldMine or other tools, its products have a WordPerfect like following: Less sals than its more popular competition but sales never the less.
Last week, Maximizer Software Inc. announced the successful adoption of Maximizer 8 in the
Company’s Americas region, the first region in which the product was launched.
From the date of first launch on May 7, 2004 to the end of the Company’s second fiscal
quarter on May 31, 2004, the Americas region sold a total of 1,941 copies of Maximizer 8.
This represents approximately 4 times its normal sales volume for a typical three-week period.
Maximizer 8 is specifically designed to help individuals, home offices and small businesses succeed by maximizing their time, creating satisfied customers, and increasing sales.
Maximizer 8 customers span a wide range of industries, including real estate, financial
services, the legal profession, and high-tech businesses.
“Keeping customers satisfied is my top priority. Maximizer 8 provides accountability and helps me keep track of company activities,” said David Proulx, President, American Integrated Services Inc, an information technology and engineering consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia. “Maximizer 8 is the one application our team uses every day and I recommend it often. It has helped us increase annual sales by more than ten per cent each year since I first started using it in 1994.”
“The results of our recent Maximizer 8 launch were stellar,” said Peter Callaghan, Vice
President of Sales & Marketing, Maximizer Software Inc. “As our Maximizer 8 customers
succeed we enable them to easily migrate to Maximizer Enterprise, our complete CRM suite.
Our magnetic user interface is completely intuitive and requires little training so our adoption rate among users is extremely strong.”