Microsoft to challenge Google in News

I really like Google’s news service and it looks like Microsoft likes it so much that it’s going to build a competing product.
At times I think Microsoft is smart for launching these competing Google products but on the other hand I wonder if Microsoft should stop trying to out-do Google and instead concentrate on building better business services.
The “news-bot” industry is not all that hot – sure it could be a lot of advertising revenue and keep users to the MSN service. But what about Microsoft working with Google to make MSN, bCentral, Office and its server products much better and feature rich.
Why reinvent the wheel all the time?
Sure, sometimes you must have to have your own play. As in the case several years ago, when Microsoft got “hot” with the Internet. But sometimes you’ve got to know when to build and when to PARTNER.
Cnet writes Microsoft on Tuesday will begin testing a new online news aggregation service, as part of its growing search rivalry with Google.

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