Mozilla’s FireFox – it’s great (but for one thing)

The more I use’s FireFox web browser – the more I’m beginning to like it. I can open multiple web sites in multiple tabs in one browser and not have to have several browsers open. I also am impressed at the range of “right” click options – get the image link or location link and more. Again, visit and try it for yourself.
When I go online, I need every tool at my disposal to make it fast and easy – FireFox is that tool.
What I do not like, however, is that a) from my email if I click on a web link, FireFox does open the web site but Eudora also thinks I’m trying to open a file and so I have to close a box in Eudora each time I click on a link. Also, from the “run” line in Windows, I get an error that says, Windows can’t open a web site, although, FireFox does open up with the web site.