Multi-Channel CRM: Putting It All Together

If you want to increase sales and profits, it’s vital to look at your customers through multiple dimensions and not just one or two. The customer who bought one service from one sales person, might be a prime customer to buy another service from another sales person in your company. Cross marketing and “up-selling” are important, but can only work in companies that have integrated communication and CRM channels.
News Factor writes The days of using a single channel for sales or customer service are gone, most would agree. But what has proven more difficult is getting consensus on exactly how companies should proceed to achieve streamlined multi-channel interaction with their customers.
Aberdeen recommends the enterprises seeking to better integrate their channels take three steps. They should prioritize and even accelerate their investments in products that will give improved access to product and inventory information and order tracking.
The report authors also urge companies to build a unified repository of customer information, including preferences, purchasing history, and transaction information. This repository should be available to all channels. And, says Aberdeen, enterprises should ensure that the integrated, multi-channel approach should extend all the way through a customer’s experience — from order to delivery.