Multi-Function Printers – MFPs ó An Overlooked Security Risk

Smallbusinesscomputing reports that Worms, Trojan horses, viruses and malware ó different types of security threats you’ve heard about and (we hope) taken steps against to protect your business data. But now ó just as you thought you had a grip on your company’s security issues and how to deal with them ó comes a new threat by way of a most unlikely source. The multifunction peripheral (MFP) you bought to handle your company’s scanning, printing, copying and faxing needs.
Sharp Electronics Corporation, a leading manufacturer of MFPs, recently received the BERTL’s Best Award for innovation in security solutions. We asked Vince Janelli, a Sharp senior product manager, to bring us up-to-date on MFP security issues and how Sharp products protect the networked data that goes through them.