A new PC makes no sense–but who cares?

ZD Net’s Rafe Needleman writes Every few years or so for the past 15, I’ve bought a new desktop computer. As software grew continually more complex and resource-intensive, it was always necessary to keep updating my hardware.
But I fear that cycle is coming to an end. While that should be good news for my bank account, it’s bad for my inner geek. I really want to get a new PC–I just can’t justify it.
My home system right now is a Gateway 1.5GHz Pentium. Over the years, I’ve upgraded its memory, its hard drive, and its video card, and the thing runs well enough for what I need it for: e-mail, Web browsing, Microsoft Office apps, and Quicken. Thanks to the modern video card, I can even play the latest hot video game, Far Cry, on it, although not at top resolution.