Should you switch web browsers?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the default web browser for all Windows based computers sold. However, in view of the fact that it is often hacked and security holes exposed, should you (and me) consider using something else?
News Factor is reporting that Microsoft is scrambling in a massive damage-control effort following a U.S. government warning that its Internet Explorer browser is too unsafe to use. The company has issued an update that closes a loophole hackers exploited with the recent Scob virus — but security experts say it is no more than an interim fix.
Business Week columnist Stephen Wildstrom, in a recent column said he would stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer until he felt it was more secure and would use another web browser such as Mozilla FireFox or Opera.

I’m not sure if it’s necessary to take such drastic measures. But if you do want to be more secure, changing your web browser and even not using Microsoft Outlook, which is often a target for hackers, might be something to consider.