Stopping PC Spies at the Gate

Spyware is a VERY bad plague that is increasingly infecting user’s computers. Not only does it make pop-up after pop-up window come in front of you – slowing your work, but it poses a security threat. The best protection is not TECHNOLOGY but to be alert and not get tricked into being infected by spyware programs.
News Factor writes For enterprise I.T. managers, fighting spyware involves adopting best practices to keep intrusive programs off the desktops of users, as well as implementing a catch-all software system in case any spyware should get through.
“Because people who pay for click-throughs pay people who distribute the bad code, the bad guys who write this stuff are motivated,” Richard Stiennon, vice-president of research at Gartner, told NewsFactor.
The problem is getting worse. PestPatrol’s Center for Pest Research, maintained by the computer security Latest News about Security and anti-spyware developer of the same name, logged more than 500,000 spyware reports in March of this year. That’s more than twice the number received in March, 2003.