Technology is a TOOL – use it and grow your business

It’s amazing what a smart technology consultant can do for a business – especially small businesses.

CNN is reporting that A growing number of police departments now have instant access via handheld wireless devices to vast commercial databases that contain details on just about anyone officers encounter on the beat.
In a time of terrorism worries, the information could theoretically save lives, or produce clues that an eagle-eyed cop could use to solve a case.
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Of course this raises, warranted privacy concerns, but forget the police for the moment and think of YOUR business.
If you have sales staff that are often at client (or prospective client) locations or a remote support staff, it can be so important to ensure they have all the information they need right at their fingertips.
Sure, you’ve got to have a great sales team, but what can separate two sales persons from each other is how quickly they can respond to customer questions, get paper work done, check inventory, place orders and etc.
Giving your sales/support staff tools to do their work more efficiently, save time, save money and overall do a better job will help grow your own business.