Thanks spammers – no outgoing email for me

Well, I’m in a Virginia University, attending my annual church convention (hence the brevity of my news section). I’m downloading email and accessing web sites on a nice broadband connection. HOWEVER, I can not SEND email.
Earthlink and most every owner of an outgoing email server only allows people who are on that network to use it. So even though I’m an Earthlink user, since I’m accessing the Internet from off of Earthlink’s network, via the University’s network, I am blocked from using Earthlink’s sending email server.
Well spammers need a way to SEND their email addresses with as minimal detection as possible so they often find email servers, that are not their own, that they can use to send their email messages through. Therefore, many email servers owned by corporations, ISPs, Universities, businesses and others are blocked.
Earthlink has a work around for this, where someone can enable email authentication but alas it does not work all the time according to Earthlink technical support (which is open 24/7 and has great automated support also) – and alas it’s not working for me.
So I can use web mail or wait until I get to a network an know the email server in order to send my email.