Verizon – it DOES have great cellular service

I wondered what would make me pass a Verizon Wireless sales booth in a mall – then go back to encourage a lady to buy Verizon service.
What caused this is my great satisfaction with Verizon which has excelent signal quality and more importantly outstanding customer service – I can’t praise it enough.
When I flip open my phone I want to talk, when I have a problem I want an answer – Verizon has provided both.
PC World writes In the never-ending search for a cell phone service with truly reliable, wide coverage and fast and dependable customer support for a bargain price, it seems appropriate to check with people who are paid to roam.
For cell-phone-using flight attendants and pilots consulted in a random survey, Verizon is the overwhelming choice.

I’ve used Verizon going on two years now and would consider switching – but really there’s no reason.