Verizon offers it customers $$$ savings normally costs $20 per month to use. Well, Verizon Online customers can get it for $9 per month.
This, by itself is not THAT great. HOWEVER, Imagine if Verizon starts to put together a suite of very useful services for its business customers and offers one bill and huge discounts.
“Can you hear my now?” – gets more powerful.
On the other side though, in the move from my current residence I’m sticking with MCI Loval for my analog phone and Verizon for my cell phone.

Verizon writes Verizon Online customers can now enjoy anytime, anywhere computing — for half the standard subscription price, or just $9.89 a month — thanks to an exclusive agreement reached by Verizon Online and Citrix(R) Online, the creator of GoToMyPC(R) software.
Verizon Online customers who subscribe to GoToMyPC can access their office computers from any Internet-connected computer and work as if they were in the office, with easy and secure access to all their files and network connections.
“GoToMyPC is a powerful software tool that gives customers more flexibility in balancing their work and family life,” said Chris Pizzirani, Verizon’s executive director of mass market data. “It makes working from home or on the road a breeze by letting customers connect with their office PC as if they were sitting right in front of it — even if they’re thousands of miles away. GoToMyPC is similar to having your own VPN (virtual private network), without the hassles.”