VOIP in real life

This case study about Avaya’s VOIP solution is a good example of VOIP in action. Sure it’s a press release, but it showcases the benefits of VOIP technology.
A new Internet protocol (IP) telephony solution from Avaya (NYSE:AV) , a leading global provider of communications networks and services for businesses, is helping Bio-Reference Laboratories (NASDAQ:BRLI) deliver potentially life-saving test results to the healthcare providers it serves — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Headquartered in Elmwood Park, N.J., Bio-Reference is the largest independent clinical laboratory in the Northeast, serving physicians and other healthcare providers in the region and providing focused specialty services throughout the country. In the June 7th issue of Business Week, Bio-Reference was named #16 in the magazine’s annual list of the Top 100 Hot Growth Stocks, and in the July/August issue of Fortune Small Business, the laboratory was named #6 in the magazine’s annual list of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Small Companies.
When Bio-Reference outgrew its existing phone system, the company decided the replacement not only needed to support additional capacity, it also had to improve the continuity, consistency and speed of its customer service operations.
“Information is our product, and we have to assume that every phone call and test result is a matter of life and death,” said Richard Faherty, chief information officer for Bio-Reference Laboratories. “When we looked to upgrade our communications network, Avaya shared our focus on customer service and reliability, which were front and center in our decision-making process.”
“Our customer support and customer communications system is dependent upon quality connectivity,” according to Warren Erdmann, Vice President, General Manager of the laboratory. “After reviewing all of the alternative solutions, we determined that our customers would be best served by going with the Avaya solution.”
Bio-Reference turned to Avaya and its BusinessPartner, Rhyne Communications, for a new converged network that could accommodate growth and deliver the reliability and responsiveness the company demanded. More importantly, the system would help enable the company to continue its delivery of critical information, even if weather or other disruptions kept customer service agents from traveling to work.
The Avaya MultiVantage(R) Communications Applications suite — including the flagship Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software, contact center and messaging applications — are now helping Bio-Reference Laboratories meet its business objectives.
With a vital need to be responsive regardless of weather, network or other potential issues that might otherwise slow or halt the company’s business, Bio-Reference relies on an Avaya S8700 media server. Sold in pairs, the redundant processors deliver business continuity features that enables the company to maintain communications if the primary server is compromised. The two servers mirror activity and information and can be separated by nearly seven miles. The servers can accommodate the company’s growth, supporting up to 36,000 stations at a time or up to 1,000,000 stations on a distributed network.
Business continuity for Bio-Reference’s critical mission is also supported by an Avaya IP Agent contact center application. The application enables customer service agents to access the company’s network remotely and to field customer calls through an on-screen interface when weather or other factors keep them from the office.
Avaya skills-based routing contact center software helps Bio-Reference transform customer service operations with improved responsiveness and resolution to customer inquiries. Each call is matched with the agent best able to handle the customer’s inquiry. Avaya Call Management System reporting tools provide real-time visibility into the company’s customer contact operations and allow supervisors to monitor and manage a variety of performance parameters – from number of calls waiting to average speed of answer. Visual vectors make it simple to change how calls are routed as customer demands evolve over time.
The new Avaya IP network for Bio-Reference Laboratories was designed and installed by Avaya Global Services, a team of more than 7,000 consultants and professionals skilled in assessing, planning, designing, managing and maintaining converged, multivendor voice and data networks around the globe.

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