Warranties – they are worth the investment

If you’re like me – you like saving money. Maybe you need to buy a new computer or several and you figure you don’t need to spend an extra $200 or so on an extended business warranty (next day parts/labor/service).
This week something happened to me that made me realize the importance of a warranty.
My trusty HP LaserJet 4200n printer stopped working. It was making noises and spitting out bits of carbon paper like substance. It turns out that the fuser was damaged.
Next up the video card of my Dell PowerEdge server went bad.
I called HP tech support and the NEXT DAY received a new part.
In Dell’s case, the technician (in Panama) advised me to update the video card driver. If the problem persists, Dell will send me a new video card and have a technician install it if needed.
When your technology fails it’s nice to know that you can get things repaired quickly and not pay through the nose for parts and labor.

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