Web Conferencing it’s easy and amazing.

Sometimes you think EVERYONE’S DOING IT and you are missing out. Just today, I produced my own web conference (to an audience of one – myself) but it was so easy and amazing. I was prompted to test out web conferencing for an upcoming article.
Guess what there are MANY small businesses that probably should consider producing a web conference, but are not.
I’ve participated in many web conferences but only today did it hit me that I could produce my own web conferenes. Nothing can replace a live audience, but an online confernce with tele-onference dial in can produce some good results. Imagine people from all over the US being able to hear (audio only) and see (presentation) me give a presentation – no trains to take or taxis to flag down.
I tried out IM Conferenceing’s and couldn’t believe how easy it was to have my own presentation up and running in aminutes. Of course being able to do chat, shared application and other things were nice too. There’s many services out there and I’ll give you my take on how easy or difficult they are to use also.

Stay tuned, I’ve caught a bug, and hope to offer online seminars soon.