WebEx – it’s popular but not as good as ImConferencing

Well, I’ve just finished trying out WebEx (see my earlier post about ImConferencing) and although it is FEATURE RICH, it’s sure not as simple to use as ImConferencing.
Listen, I’m a techie and have used technology for YEARS. When I started with ImConferencing I was up and doing my first web conference in minutes. With WebEx I had to do a LOT of figuring out to get anything done. And most frusturating – I could not find out how to INVITE users to a web confernce! I’ve emailed WebEx’s tech support.
I’m sure if I would have read the instructions I’d have got further along. However, one test of a product especially in comparison to another is which one you can use without reading the manual. This is a test of how INTUITIVE it is.