Wireless technology abounds all over America

If you thought wireless technology (WiFi) was only for Starbucks drinking technoids you’re wrong. It’s being used on farms and in rural areas FAR way from NYC and LA.

Business Week is reporting that Speedy wireless Net connections aren’t just for urban cafes anymore. Long-neglected rural towns and even recreational-vehicle parks are now surfing the Web on the Wi-Fi wave, thanks to new enhancements in the technology. Take the nearly 60,000 citizens of Rio Rancho, N.M., who on June 26 gained access to the Net from their homes, their cars, nearby parks — virtually anywhere around town. No need for DSL or cable-modem service in Rio Rancho, a hamlet that was the 81st of 83 nationwide markets to get broadband from its local cable operator. (full story)
WiFi is NOT hype but a very useful technology that YOU can use to give more flexibility to where and how you and your staff can get access to data.
Every mobile device you use should have the option of being wirelessly connected – but especially your notebook computer. Also consider what is important to you – just email? Then consider a Palm Treo 600, or RIM BlackBerry. There’s so many solutions, like using your cell phone to bring wireless connectivity to your notebook, without using WiFi, for example.