Your technology consultant – is he helping you or stealing from you?

I got in the mail today a letter, addressed to value added resellers (VARs) or consultants (I used to be one) and the letter was pitching VARs to sell a particular vendor’s line of business management (accounting, ebusiness, etc) solution.
What really got my attention was that the entire pitch was about money.
Of course money is important and software vendors need to offer good margins and incentives to compete for resellers to sell their solutions to businesses.
HOWEVER, put yourself on the client or customer side of the room.
You need a solution for your small business and there’s a VAR that has several solutions he could recommend to you. A few would be good, depending on your specific need. A few probably aren’t for you but offer some HUGE monetary rewards.
I’m sure many VARs would do the right thing and give you a solution that is best for you. But I’m sure there are some VARs that steer customers towards solutions that make THEM (the VAR) the most money and might not be best for the customer.
A message to the software vendors – help your VARs make money by helping them sell GREAT solutions to customers.
PC – the letter came from a vendor here.