Your technology partner – you’ll sink or swim with them

The importance of a good technology partner or consultant can not be over stated. As you consider who to hire to help you with your technology needs it is VERY important to consider who THEY partner with.
If the technology vendor(s) they work with support them, treat them well and provide tools to help them server you better – then you will get a better solution for your business from that partner.
IBM has been aggressively courting partners (including resellers, integrators and software developers)- more than 90,000 globally.
This courtship of partners has paid off for IBM. Thanks in large part to new and expanded business partner programs, IBM Software has gained 10,000 new small and medium business (SMB)customers in the first half of this year — more than double the number it attracted during the first half of 2003. In fact, the group has already surpassed the number of new SMB software customers it had in 2003 altogether.