Archive of August 2004

HP to Dell: Printers are not PCs

Dell is launching a new line of color laser printers in direct competition to HP. Can Dell do for printers what it has done for computers? Apparently Dell thinks so but not HP. eWeek writes HP’s executive vice president of imaging and printing, Vyomesh Joshi (left), said he is unfazed by Dell’s printer moves. “The […]

Will your customers get your email newsletter?

Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo and several other companies are working (sometimes together and often times not) to create a system that will reduce the ability of spammers to “spoof” or fake where their emails are coming from. Right now, it’s pretty easy for a spammer to send a batch of email from or OF […]

eFax – does it get money from spammers?

I’ve had a free eFax account for some time, but on several occasions my account has been suspended by eFax as I’ve been told I have received too many faxes for the free service. The interesting thing is, that I have not given my fax number out to anyone. The faxes all came from spammers! […]

Is Linux Really Free? Well

Linux has been touted as being a “free” operating system, and indeed it is. You can FREELY download a copy of Linux, install and manage it yourself. However, this does not include support or anything else. For a company wanting to use Linux, it might be best to purchase a commercial version of Linux that […]

Verizon’s Wireless Wonder

I have two cellular phones. One is serviced by Verizon and ons is serviced by Sprint. The Verizon service is almost 100% perfect in sound quality and range of callular service. Sprint’s service is miserable. The sound quality is bad – it could be the phone (a Treo 600) vs Verizon’s (simple) Samsung phone. Business […]

Mobile Technology and Mobile Entrepreneurs

Inc Magazine has a very good story about how mobile entrepreneurs use their vehicles and technology to be efficient and productive. writes Abney’s office is the front seat of a white 1999 Chevy van. Though the van lacks a coffee machine and other trappings of corporate life, Abney wouldn’t dream of trading in his […]

The Cartel – Microsoft and your PC Vendor

Wonder how Microsoft and your PC Vendor work together to get you to upgrade your computer on a regular basis? Forbes writes PC makers like Dell (nasdaq: DELL – news – people ), Hewlett-Packard (nyse: HPQ – news – people ) and Gateway (nyse: GTW – news – people ) would surely agree [that releasing […]

Dell: Fewer price cuts bigger margins

Dell has constantly focused on giving customers the lowest price on technology and treating technology as a commodity. This focus on low prices has forced Dell’s competition to either produce technology with premium feauters, as IBM does and sell it at a preium especially in its notebooks or to try to get lower prices also […]

Hotels and Technology are leading us

Pornography web sites had been the leading champions of online technology with e-commerce, pop-up advertising, security and etc. Hotels, apparently, are now an industry leading in the use of technology also. Wireless (or wired) broadband internet access was one wave. USA Today is reporting that Radisson Hotels & Resorts this week starts allowing guests to […]