Are you and your computer efficient

Over the years I’ve used MANY shortcuts which enable me to use my computer faster and easier than many users. For example, new (most) users when they want to select a menu option move their hand away from the keyboard, go to the mouse and select a menu option. Did you know that there are many keyboard shortcuts available so that you do not have to go to the mouse so often but can just use the keyboard?

ZDNet’s Rafe Needleman writes There’s probably a word for the syndrome I have. And not a nice one, either. Whenever I see somebody computing the hard and slow way, I have an urge to correct them. For example, when I’m in a meeting that involves a PowerPoint presentation, and the presenter switches into slide-show mode by awkwardly groping for the touch pad, then selecting View > Slide Show, I have the urge to shout–and sometimes do–“You dope! Just press F5!”
I believe that we should be masters of our tools, using them in the ways that save us the most possible time and effort. After all, that’s why we have them, isn’t it?
I admit, I’ve missed some optimizations in products I use, so I’m hardly one to preach. But come on, professional presenters should own PowerPoint, not vice versa. Likewise, writers who achingly use single arrow presses to skip between words (Ctrl+arrow is so much faster), are wasting their time and probably even dulling their creativity.
Plus, the fewer buttons you press and the less time you spend moving between keyboard and mouse, the less strain you’re putting on your hands and wrists and the less likely you are to get repetitive stress injury. (If you have any tingling or pain that you think might be related to computer use, please see a doctor or an ergonomic specialist–your limbs are too important to leave to the advice of a hack like me.)