Are you email messages being blocked?

If you send out a lot of email on behalf of yourself or on behalf of clients, it might be worthwhile to explore adding your domain name(s) to Internet Service Provider lists so that they will not block your email. Spam is a HUGE problem and ISPs block as much of it as they can before it reaches their subscribers.
The Washington Post outlines how Google is ensuring email it sends out, especially for its upcoming IPO works. “We want to take every precaution to avoid blocking or tagging of such emails as spam, since these emails are essential for participation and completion of the transaction,” the message reads. “Certain commonly used [anti-spam techniques] or refusing to accept a given email until a retry occurs, will impair your users’ ability to participate in this transaction.”
A source who works for a major ISP said Google alerted ISPs to the Morgan Stanley site by posting a link on a private online discussion group used by major providers. The source asked to remain anonymous because the existence of the list is not widely publicized.
The Morgan Stanley posting is a decidedly low-tech way to make sure spam filters don’t block information about one of the hottest initial stock offerings to hit Wall Street since the fabled go-go days of the dot-com boom. But experts say legitimate bulk e-mail senders have few options other than to provide details about their e-mail plans in advance.