Blogging – the “media” have it all wrong

There’s so muh being written about blogging but many of those writing about it have got it all wrong. Blogging is not a “fad” or a “thing” – it’s a tool. A tool that enables one to place text (graphics too – or anything) easily on a web site.
I use to post the news to this page – but it’s only a tool. The reason my “blog” is so popular is the CONTENT therein and this is where the media misses the point.
The “point” is not that yet another John or Jane day has a “blog” (or is able to put their writings online). The excitement comes when ones writing can be quickly posted online – but the focus is on “writing” and “quickly posted”. This is the beauty of a blogg.
Should businesses have “blogs”? Why not? Letting key executives and other line and manager staff writhe their own content about various topics within a loose corporate framerwork online for the public to see.
Reuters writes In a sign blogs are moving mainstream, major technology companies, including Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp.came together at a recent conference to discuss the profit potential of the Web publishing format.
The growth in the number of blogs, and those who read them, continues to attract attention from business leaders, including Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates, as a means of enhancing companies’ communication more directly with employees, partners and customers.