Bloomba – an alternative email program

Bloomba is an alternative email program to Eudor (which I use) and Outlook. I’ve tried it out and didn’t like it as I do not like storing things in ONE box but like folders.
Maybe I need to use it more to know how to use it better. What I do like about Bloomba, very much, is that I can QUICKLy search through my thousands of email messages. Neither Eudora nor Outlook make that easy.
Reuters writes Bloomba, an e-mail program challenging Microsoft Corp.’s (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) Outlook, will be upgraded with features such as scheduling as it aims to capture more business users, Stata Laboratories Inc., the program’s developer, said on Monday.
Bloomba has earned a following with search capabilities that allow users to quickly sift through e-mails and attachments with keywords.
The new version, Bloomba Professional Edition, will allow users to create and share schedules and synchronize data with Palm Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM – news)-based handheld devices.