Broadband to the boonies has some new technical options

If you live out in “no man’s land” getting high speed Internet access could be a problem. Well here’s a solution from USA Today.

Andrew Kantor writes If you live in rural America, you make tradeoffs. You get peace, quiet, lots of space, and clean air, but you might be giving up things like pizza delivery and high-speed Internet. (I speak from experience.)
As lawmakers slowly get it through their heads that this is the Communications Age based on information exchange, and that broadband access to the Internet is important to a region’s economy, the push is on to deliver broadband access to those rural areas.
There are several ways to get a fast Internet connection to the middle of nowhere. Think of this column as being directed to those lawmakers who want to provide the access, but are oh-so-likely to jump on the first high-speed bandwagon to come along. There are pluses and minuses to each of these.