Coming back from vacation to TONS of emails

It’s a common problem of many of us who are on vacation and who regualarly get a lot of email. When we get back from vacation, if we have not been checking email regularly – we’ve got to wade through tons and tons of it.
What do I do? I check my email twice per day – morning and evening and reply to any urgent emails (there rarely is any) and mainly, as ZD Net writes below – delete all the junk/spam email.

ZD Net has a solution and writes The exploding in-box is a common postvacation lament. Even my lovely bride–a musician, not a geek like me–had so much e-mail waiting for her that Outlook XP crashed when it tried to download everything. (I used to have this problem too, until I upgraded to Outlook 2003.)
So I started to wonder, is there a way to gracefully handle that postvacation e-mailbox? I checked around CNET and found a few strategies that people use, explained below (in order of severity). Maybe some of these strategies will work for you. If not, please let me know your methods for dealing with the fallout from an e-mail-free vacation.