EmergeCore’s IT IN A BOX goes to Europe

EmergeCore’s IT IN A BOX, is creating waves in the US, then in Kuwait (and I presume the Middle East) and now it’s going to Europe. Distribution is key in getting a product into the hands of customers.
EmergeCore announced that it sealed a $8.5 Million Contract for European Distribution of Award-Winning “IT IN A BOX “
Exclusive contract with Revolution Internet of Amsterdam facilitating product availability in major European markets
In a move to continue worldwide expansion of the award-winning “IT IN A BOX”(R) all-in-one network appliance, EmergeCore Networks today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Revolution Internet in Amsterdam.
The founders of Revolution Internet were formerly responsible for establishing the widespread European presence of the Sun Microsystems’ Cobalt server appliance, which was discontinued in December 2003.
Under the terms of this exclusive agreement, valued at a minimum of $8.5 million, Revolution Internet is now marketing EmergeCore’s IT-100 and IT-500 network appliances to Europe including the countries in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Beyond a typical distribution partnership, Revolution Internet will also play a key role in providing localized versions of the IT-100 and IT-500 where additional language support is required. The IT IN A BOX products are available now within the U.K. Company officials expect to have product availability in place for the remainder of these major regions by Q2, 2005.
“The market need and demand for the IT IN A BOX products have been tremendous throughout the United States, Japan and Australia,” said Dave Brown, EmergeCore president and CEO. “We are extremely pleased to have established this key partnership with Revolution Internet to bring this easy-to-use, low-cost functionality to small businesses throughout Europe as well. Revolution Internet is the ideal partner to help us accomplish this task as quickly and efficiently as possible.”
Revolution Internet founder and partner Steve Coltman has been launching new technologies in Europe for more than a decade. Prior to founding and managing Revolution Internet, Steve worked for Sun Microsystems, Cobalt Networks and Congress Communications, and for all three companies played a key role in launching disruptive technologies into Europe. For Cobalt Networks, in particular, Steve was responsible for growing the Cobalt server appliance business ten fold.
“We are extremely pleased to join with EmergeCore in launching this exciting new small business technology into Europe,” Coltman said. “The product’s popularity in the U.S. and Japan, and the demand we have already seen from the various European regions indicate that these solutions will be met with tremendous response. It not only fills the void left by Cobalt’s departure, but also incorporates a richer feature set that the European market is looking for.”
Building on the award-winning IT-100 foundation, the IT-500 includes a higher performance CPU, additional memory and hot swap disk technology. The IT-100 is well suited for workgroups up to 25 users. With additional processing power, a 15-port hub, and optional T1/E1 support, the IT-500 will support workgroups as large as 75.