GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons – We’ll beat them on support

Yahoo announced plans to reduce the price of it’s web hosting to $9.95 and expand the services it offers on its web hosting packages for small businesses.

VS founder, Bob Parsons told that one thing Yahoo is going to struggle with is support. GoDaddy prides itself on the support it offers its customers and feels that Yahoo will not be able to match it.
While’s support is based in the US, Yahoo’s outsourced support might suffer with quality of service issues. “We think this is a very changing-the-game kind of launch,” said Rich Riley, vice president and general manager for Yahoo! Small Business services. In Web hosting and registration, “you have the discounters on one side… with the supposedly premium providers on the other side. We are right in the middle.”
Although is going to be keeping an eye on Yahoo’s continued move into the online services SMB space, with 25% of the domain name market, there’s no worry from Bob and his staff about competing toe to toe with Yahoo.
Interestingly enough is still registered with