GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons…our advertising makes money for us

While many of his fellow online / dot-com executive colleagues spend their marketing dollars on “branding campaigns”, Bob Parsons (lef), founder and president of internet services company chooses to ensure the dollars he spends on marketing makes money for
Godaddy can then pass the savings on to YOU (and me) their customers.
If he spends $100,000 on an online advertising campaign it must earn him his money back plus more. This is one reason why is beating the pants of the competition. offers lower prices for just about all their services – domain registration, web hosting and SSL certificates. is not ONLY about low cost price but also about providing great customer support and ensuring customers are satisfied with services.
Bob explained to me that another reason is so successful is that all their services and products are built in house. Their web site reads, “We are the sole developer and proprietor of our technology and do not license any products from others. This enables us provide better support and ensure the most advanced and competitively-priced products and services available today.” If something is broken it can be quickly fixed.
Bob founded in 1997, then named Jomax Technology. Two years later, without a million dollar naming campaign and boatloads of consultants, Bob and his team renamed their fledgling business It’s easy to remember and unique.
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