It’s BlackBerry Season, but Maybe Not for Long

Blackberry’s (and now Treo 600’s) are what every hip executive and executive look a-like use. However, there’s new hardware and software tools coming out (and out already) that are challenging Blackberry’s throne.
The NY Times writes it’s not too early to point out that, looking down the road a bit, the hand-held BlackBerry’s future is dim.
When a company introduces a brilliant melding of hardware and software that allows us to do something with previously unrivalled ease, we are inclined to embrace it so gratefully that we will pay any price to obtain it. And we are so delighted to have it that we cannot imagine for a long while how the pioneer could ever be seriously challenged.
Today, the BlackBerry faces formidable competition. A well-financed Silicon Valley start-up, Good Technology, has developed software that is arguably superior to BlackBerry’s. It is the first to continuously and wirelessly synchronize every module of Outlook, needing no cradle to connect gadget to computer. The BlackBerry has yet to catch up.