Kim Komando’s got it wrong

Most times Kim Komando is dead on accurate about her technology help.

However in today’s USA Today she writes
A handheld might be enough for some students: It’s back-to-campus time. Instead of splurging on a new laptop or desktop computer, a handheld computer might fit the bill if you’re a student or someone shopping for one. These gadgets handle many common computing tasks in a smaller, less-expensive package. At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss handhelds, also known as personal digital assistants (PDAs). After all, most cell phones allow you to store phone numbers, schedule appointments and even surf the Web. But most of those functions are rudimentary, and a handheld can deliver a richer, easier-to-use experience. .
Hmmm, a PDA is fine and every professional and busy student should have one. However, every student and professional also needs a full fledged computer – be it a notebook or desktop. I write a lot of articles on my PDA and even access the Internet. However, a PDA can not do what a computer can do. Large screen, fast processor, easily create presentations, and writing reports or documents. Writing on a screen a few inches in diameter is no good for hours, weeks and months at a time. Furthermore, for serious writing you need full copies of Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect.