A Last Look at Web Destinations

NY Times writer PAMELA LiCALZI O’CONNELL wrote such a wonderful story on some of the interesting things one can find online. I am always in amazement at the wealth of information available on the Internet and Pamela encapsulates that well in this article.

She writes The Web is where the collecting compulsion meets its natural handmaiden, the personal home page.
In times of crisis and loss, the Web can prove the connective tissue for countless people worldwide.
The Net is a great tool for collecting stories. If scientists hadn’t created it, social historians would have.
Those are a few themes I’ve covered while pondering the Internet in 80 installments of Online Diary, including this one, my last.
In three years I’ve mentioned about 400 Web sites – a minuscule subset of the Internet. I tried to select sites and topics that spoke to larger issues of life online. But like many users, I also spend a fair portion of my online time trafficking in useless factoids, taking personality tests, and poring through pop-culture detritus. Did I mention that I browse a lot of Weblogs?
Herewith, a revisiting, a grab bag, a linkfest.