Linux Desktop Needs PC Vendor Support

Linux is growing quite a bit on business servers, but on the desktops of users it’s not prevailant at all. Windows grew so much because it was bundled on PCs – this must happen to Linux in order for it to grow.

eWeek writes why and what has to be done to increase the use of Linux on desktops.
I use Linux (news – web sites) desktops every day in my home office. Specifically, I run Xandros 2.5 on one of my desktops and my main work laptop, and SuSE 9.1 on my top workstation. When it comes to desktop Linux, I don’t just talk about it, I use it
But I’m about as Unix (news – web sites)- and Linux-savvy a guy as you’re going to find. I also actually find installing new operating systems kind of fun. OK, so I’m a little weird.
I also know, though, after talking with businesses, resellers and Joe and Jane User for years, that most people would rather listen to a “best of” recording of nails being dragged over chalkboards than replace their old operating system with a new one.