Protect your customer databases

Large retailers and small retailers must protect their customer databases. Not ONLY so the retailers are protected against theft but so the customers are protected.
USA Today writes BJ’s Wholesale Club attracts shoppers to its stores by putting thousands of discounted products under one roof. It wasn’t hard to attract cyberthieves either, with databases that amass credit card numbers in huge numbers.
The theft earlier this year of thousands of credit card records from the nation’s third-largest warehouse club illustrates the potential for massive-scale identity theft whenever so much purchase-enabling information is stored in one place. It also illustrates how difficult the cleanup can be.
The Secret Service still doesn’t know whether the breach was an inside job or the work of hackers, but it has made some arrests, said Tim Buckley, a Secret Service agent investigating the case.
The suspects arrested recently in the United States and abroad may have ties to a large international identity theft ring, Buckley said. He declined to say how many arrests have been made or provide further details.
Meanwhile, financial institutions are still smarting. They’ve had to reissue hundreds of thousands of credit cards belonging to BJ’s customers as a precaution against further fraud.
The BJ’s case may be the largest retail fraud of its kind based on the amount of cards reissued, experts say.