Protecting your company from “email violations”

What would you do if you came into work one day and found a group of your best customers asking why you emailed their confidential information to the local pizza shop?
Or, maybe you get an email from your competitor telling you that she has your customer database and will not use it if you give her $100,000?
These are just examples – but a lot worse can happen and you’ve got to do all you can to ensure the wrong information does not leave your company.
You don’t only have to worry about proprietary information leaving your company but what about employees emailing racist or sexual jokes? What about a rogue doctor emailing personal files of his friend’s ex-wife?
With email it is so easy for an employee to receive and send email and/or attachments that should not get through your email server.
For those using Microsoft Exchange Server, Nemx has a suite of solutions to not only stop viruses and spam, but also analyze the content of incoming and outgoing email and attachments for words and phrases that should not be there.
Like me, you might get email that has a subject line Viagra, or -iagra or some other spelling of the word to throw off scanners that look for spam.
Nemx is not stupid. It doesn’t just look at a word or phrase at face value but uses heuristics to analyze the structure of a word or phrase to catch words/phrases that might be close to what you want filtered.
Barbour Publishing, a Christian publishing company, initially bought Nemx for spam, then started using it for content filtering of incoming and outbound email to ensure copy right compliance.
Nemx blocks files prior to their arrival in a user’s in box – further protecting your environment.
Although Nemx only supports MS Exchange, this could be seen as a plus. Barbour Publishing feels that Nemx does one thing, but does it very well.
Any business that wants to get a handle on spam (which can easily consume over 50% of a companies in box), have virus protection and monitor email words/phrases is a prime Nemx customer.
Several businesses in the medical field use Nemx to help them comply with their industry’s regulations.
Nemx’s content management/spam tools is $795 per MS Exchange server connector.