Prying Eyes : Protect Your Privacy From People Who Sell to You, Snoop on You, or Steal From You

I’ve been reading Eric Gertel’s book, “Prying Eyes: Protect Your Privacy from People Who Sell to You, Snoop On You, and Steal From You”.
If you want a reason to crawl into a rock and not communicate with anyone ever again, then this book is for you. Or if you want to know the many ways your life is exposed and at least be more careful in using your personal information this book is also for you.
Eric lays out, in plain and simple English, how your life is one open book and available to just about anyone with the know how (thieves, old flames) and/or need to know (land lords, banks) about it.
Your medical files, credit card activity, financial information and so much more are all accessible and available to a range of businesses and individuals.
Eric does not just sound a cry of alarm and list all the ways your privacy can be invaded but he also offers suggestions, real life stories and solutions you can use to protect yourself as best as possible against an invasion of privacy.
I’d highly suggest you buy this book from