Smart Online gets more $$$

Smart Online, a vendor of Web-native business-critical applications for small businesses,announced on 26 August that it has closed on an additional $1.2 million in
funding, led by Atlas Capital, bringing its total to $4.7 million raised in 2004.
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Small businesses use Smart Online applications to start, run and grow, utilizing the portal’s applications to research and write business plans, incorporate, prepare personnel policies, manage inventories, apply for loans, draft leases for office space and equipment, establish retirement plans, and more. Currently, 18 partner corporations syndicate (private label) Smart Online software services and then offer them to millions more small-business owners.
“Smart Online has a jump on the web-native small business applications industry with its ability to quickly customize its platform for partner sites. The breadth of its product line makes it appealing to corporations that want a one-stop solution,” said Tim Bajarin, chief executive officer of Creative Strategies, a market analysis firm.
“Larger corporations are choosing Smart Online’s tools to acquire, retain and deepen relationships online with small businesses. And, our syndication platform provides quick time-to-market,” said Michael Nouri, chief executive officer of Smart Online.