T-Mobile’s Sidekick II Strikes a Functional Balance of Voice, Data Uses

Smartphones that blend a PDA and cellphones are useful tools – the trick is finding the one that is best for you. I’ve been testing out Palm’s Treo 600 Washington Posts Rob Pegoraro writes Wireless-industry types like to talk about “smart phones” as if these souped-up, Internet-capable, multifunction cell phones all have the same IQ. But they don’t.
Some, barely brighter than average, offer only basic address-book and calendar programs, plus the ability to run a few add-on programs. But with just a phone keypad, they remain read-only devices; you might check your e-mail on these things, but you wouldn’t want to write much of it.
Others go too far in the opposite direction; they’re really handheld organizers which have had a speaker and microphone soldered on. They’re fine Web browsers but terrible phones.
So far, PalmOne’s Treo 600 has done the best job of balancing voice and data use. But the Treo is about to have company; early this fall, T-Mobile will introduce a smart phone with some of the same thoughtful design as the Treo — and a couple of clever features missing from PalmOne’s handheld.