Travelers could soon report to work mid-flight

I guess there’s now even more reasons to always be connected – in the air or on the ground.
CNN writes Business travelers will be able to surf the Web securely on long-distance flights by combining services from Boeing Co. and iPass Inc. , the companies plan to announce on Monday.

Redwood Shores, California-based iPass, which makes software that connects travelers to their offices from remote locations, said corporate customers will be able to connect to the Web on planes within six months using wireless links from Boeing.
The companies are betting that business travelers, who already connect their laptop computers wirelessly in hotels, cafes and airports around the world, want to stay connected on the plane.

While this can be a good thing for businesses travelers, what ever happened to time to think, sleep or read. Sure, these are just CHOICES one does not have to use Boeing’s in-flight Internet connection but it would be interesting to have some zone’s in our life free of the “network”.